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The Grand Canyon

Many millions of years ago the North American tectonic plates have shifted causing the Colorado Plateau to rise to nearly 10,000 feet. The mighty rushing waters of the Colorado river have cut deep into the different layers of sandstone, limestone, and other minerals to form the great gorge. Millions of visitors come to see the majestic landscape and share the wonder of its discoverers. Visitors to the South Rim Park are able to drive along the rim from the Village of the Grand Canyon to Desert View and enjoy many great vintage view points.

Only two hours away, Sedona with its mesmerizing geological wonders offers the best gateway to the Grand Canyon. The collection of Sedona’s fascinating natural endowments include the famous Oak Creek Canyon, the 1.8 million acres of the Coconino National Forest, Red Rock State Park, and Slide Rock State Park. Over 100 spectacular hiking trails are easily accessible and range from a moderate one hour walk to a full day strenuous adventure. Sedona offers dozens of galleries to art lovers and deep spiritual journeys to all.

Visitors choosing to stay in Sedona are able to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, view wonderful scenery, visit natural wonders on their way, visit all the great view points at the South Rim, and still come back to a premium accommodation and a wonderful dinner in one of Sedona’s superb restaurants.

Enjoy the Grand Canyon from Sedona

Drive – Most people drive the two easy hours to the Grand Canyon South Rim. Some of the spectacular stops on the way include the Oak Creek Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon Overview, Sunset Crater National Monument, Wapatki Native American ruins, and more. Some visitors drive straight to the Canyon, view the majestic formations, take many pictures and come back in the afternoon. Other visitors stop at all interest points, stay for the sunset over the Canyon and arrive back later in the evening.

Tours – Many tours take visitors from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. Some in large buses and some in smaller luxury vans. These guided tours usually visit the interest points and allow all visitors, including the one that usually drives, to enjoy the trip. Most tours include a lunch, snacks, entry fees to the Canyon, the IMAX movie and more.

Fly –  visitors choose to fly to the Canyon from the Sedona Airport. Light planes and helicopters can be chartered for a trip that can include visiting additional attractions in Northern Arizona.